Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mother Post!

Hello, all! I figure the first post might be a good time to introduce myself, now wouldn't it? I'll start with a quick profile:
Name: Sierra (there is no nickname, no shorthand, and if you please, no references to hip hop music stars and/or clear citrus sodas).
Age: A very desperate seventeen
Grade: Senior, 12th, two nine week periods and a summer away from college, and I still can't get into clubs.
My better half: EJ, you'll see him a lot, or at least hear about him, he's not too fond of being on camera haha. This man is the love of my life though, and every day just gets better.
Loves: fashion, english, literature, creative writing, the correct uses of your and you're, the smell of professional bull riding black and blue cologne, luxury on a budget, the beautiful, the ugly, the unique, the wondrous.
Hates: it's actually hard for me to pick out specific things I truly hate...and it would take waaay to long to specify every little tick that gets me. That would be dumb, time consuming, pointless, and frankly, mood-ruining.
My plans for the future: After graduating high school, i'll be off to a local university to get my English degree, and over the summers I'll be earning my divemaster, so if all else fails (like my dream of owning my own boutique somewhere, or EJ and I's fantasy of joining  a commune in the mountains), I can go be a beach bum in Cozumel and live out the rest of my life with tequila and the fish.
Now, to give a face to the name, and to give you a a little taste of my personal style, here's some pictures!

 These two photos are a bit older, but my style hasn't changed a whole ton since then, my hair's just grown out. :D I like things funky, fun, sexy, girly, playful, and edgy, and sometimes I emphasize one element more than the other, but it always comes out me :)

 Aaaand here I am with the mister :)

So now you know me, let the blogging commence!

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