Saturday, February 26, 2011

Giveaway at La Boheme!

Just wanted everyone to know that over at she's having an awesome giveaway! Check out these awesome cross earrings!
I want so bad!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nerd Time - LODR Party + recipes

Last weekend I had myself a little party with some close friends to watch the extended, uncut edition of Lord of the Rings. Pathetic, right? Except it was really fun! EJ was being a little bug though and kept screaming "NEW SCENE!" whenever there was a new scene. Everyone had a really fun time, though, and I did a really proud job on the themed food!
The main event, "Elvish Lembas Bread" Meat Pies
Recipe makes 6-8 pies
Ingredients and Equipment:
1 lb ground beef
1tsp Tarragon
barbeque sauce to taste
Worcestershire sauce to taste (may be switched out for A1 sauce, whatever your preference may be)
2-3 large red potatoes
 Two rolls of jumbo biscuits (i like the great value kind from Walmart, but in the picture shown above I had to use a different kind, so don't mind it if your pies end up looking different)
a butter knife
a large cookie sheet
 a large saucepan
Ok, so this is easy, in your saucepan, brown up your sausage. Chop up your potatoes into small cubes, then throw them in with the sausage and all your other ingredients, and if the pan seems dry overall, pour in a little bit of water. Let the liquid evaporate off, and make sure your potatoes are cooked as you like them. Unwrap your biscuits, and cut the amount in half (if you have twelve biscuits total, grab six of them for now, etc.)
Flatten them out into nicely sized rectangles on your cookie sheet and spoon your beef onto them. Take the other half of your biscuits and flatten them, then cover the ones on your cookie sheet with them, smushing the edges together all the way around. Score the tops in an X like in the picture, then bake at 350 for about twenty minutes, or until nice and golden. :)

I don't have pictures for my Onion "Rings of Power" but they're really a very simple thing to make. You just get your favorite type of onion, dip in eggs then in Italian breadcrumbs, bake at 400 until tender, and serve!

I also made funfetti cupcakes and iced them like this:

These aren't mine though, but mine looked similar.


Monday, January 31, 2011

What I Wore + ATty intro!

ATty, EJ and I all enjoyed the snow today! Isn't she the sweetest thing? lol I probably seem like a total nutjob, but really, this is quite fun. Maybe I'm just a complete, irreversible nerd. Anyways, how ATty came to be: At Goodwill, EJ and I found her for 2 bucks (we've found out she's worth around sixty on ebay but we'd never ever sell her). The obsession grew from there, and after falling in love with Nick Drummond's ATtilla, I felt the need to include her in all my outfit posts, so you guys can really get to know her!

striped dress: old navy $3
leather jacket: thrifted $5
tights: WalMart $6
shoes: Jeffrey Campbell regularly $180, ebay'd for $110
white feather ear cuff: diy about $7 total for supplies

Sunday, January 30, 2011


A little melodic inspiration for your ears. This is a little playlist full of inspiration that i'm starting up, and every week I'm gonna add a little bit to it, and explain the significance behind the song.

 Inspirational Songs:
1.With Arms Wide Open by Creed = this song, while it's been around a while, really brings a tear to my eye. Being the typical girl, I do someday want to be a mother, and while most of you may not realize it, this song is all about being a parent the right way. You can check out the lyrics here if you'd like to read a little more into it yourself.
2. Haven't Met You Yet by Michael Buble = This is the anthem for any single girl who wants to be with someone but doesn't want to cry over all the sad, lonely songs. Upbeat and optimistic, Buble almost makes me want to be single again just so I can belt out this song the way I used to before met EJ. :) But I have met him yet, so it's all good for me.
3. Fuckin Perfect by Pink = while some of you may prefer the clean radio mix, I went with the original version because I feel like it has a little better impact. Whatever situation you're in, this song is sure to make you cry...a little bit, at least inside if you're one of those stoic people. I haven't really loved the last few songs Pink has released, but this one...pure gold. Just listen close, and you'll feel a little bit better about yourself afterwards.
4. Cooler Than Me by Mike Posner = while this song might be seen as a little insulting to your regular fashionista, with this guy hating on the luscious sound of Louboutins clicking to a beat on marble floors, I also find it to be a great, humbling reminder that just because I dress better, doesn't mean I am.
City Songs:
I'm a true city girl at heart, and when it comes to songs about my three favorite cities, I can't resist. New York, Pittsburgh, and Youngstown (in order of size, largest to smallest) are my places to be and I don't think I'll ever be able to stay away from them for long. New York because, frankly, it's New York, Pitt because the city has always had wonderful appeal to me and it holds a special place in my heart, and Youngstown because...the whole area is my turf. I grew up twenty minutes away, my dad grew up in Austintown (where the rest of my family has stuck to until recently), I work in Boardman, and I know the half the Valley like the back of my hand. Songs about cities remind us of our dreams and aspirations, and give us a little extra motivation and get us pumped up to chase them.
In the playlist:
5. Black and Yellow by Wiz Khalifa = Pittsburgh of course! Being an avid Steelers fan alongside my better half, it feels great to blast this song as I drive by my work just to get at my Browns-fan boss.
6. Empire State Of Mind by Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys = ever since this song came out I've been madly in love with it. We all dream of NYC and this song really brings that desire to life.
Below. Youngstown by Sarah Turner = I'm not usually a country person, but when EJ played this song for me I feel in love.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I Wore

Not the most fabulous outfit post haha but I really wanted to show off this vintage wool blazer I got. I love the Tex-Mex feel it gives off, and despite the fact that it's a bit itchy, it's fantastically warm and comfy. I paired it with my favorite olive tee and some jean leggings and my black oxfords, and couldn't resist throwing on this bracelet. I've had it for a while, picked it up from a lady who was selling a box of her vintage jewelry at a garage sale. It's got this beautiful metallic green enamel around it, with little mirrors and seed beads pushed in. I could never find anything to match it, I just kept holding onto it,now, lo and behold, it has a mate!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nerd Love

Although I run a fashion blog here, sometimes I really can't help but share when the nerdy side of me squeals with delight...suddenly a plastic replica of scifi machinery is absolutely adorable...

Ej and I found a 1997 model at Goodwill not too long ago...She really has become our baby, and it was so ironic that we found her after falling in love with ATilla (the ATAT pictured above, darling pet of photographer Nick Drummond. ). I wanted to name ours something good like AThena or ATreus, but Ej is really into the name Addy, so we altered it to ATty, which is still adorable. I'm going to post pictures of her soon, and have everyone get to know her ;)

some more ATAT humor:

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wishlist 2011

Every year I find myself devising a new list of the things I believe are the "it" things to have for the coming fashion cycle. I become fixated and obsessed, sometimes on things that aren't actually all that great... but some are! So here are just a few things I find myself drooling over:

Saturday, January 8, 2011

What I Want NOW

Feather ear cuff:

 I think the beauty of these pieces really speak for themselves. These are just two of my favorites, you can check out more over at Style Hurricane.
I just can't get over how gorgeous these things are! Delicate, yet strong, they stand out but instead of making a huge statement, I think they compliment whatever else you're wearing...I love the natural colored ones, I think they would look so pretty if you left your hair down and just let them become a part of you...
(p.s. i wanna try and diy one of my own, but I don't want to discourage any of you from buying from the original creator)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Branching Out

Gotta love some good inspiration for interior design:
 image via Love Aesthetics

Image via Me Melodia

 Image via Crafter-holic

I think this is going to be the new theme for my bedroom...mod forest. Sounds good to me!

Fuck Yeah! Forts

It is rare that a small, pointless site dedicated to one itsy bitsy little thing keeps me so fervently addicted. Yet I find myself continuously clicking on Fuck Yeah! Forts. Despite the the name that may be offensive to some, this little Tumblr site is fantastical, and if you search hard enough, positively inspiring. Here are just a couple of my favorites:
 Ah, the magical solidarity of colorful blankets and Christmas lights...
All images found browsing Fuck Yeah! Forts

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mother Post!

Hello, all! I figure the first post might be a good time to introduce myself, now wouldn't it? I'll start with a quick profile:
Name: Sierra (there is no nickname, no shorthand, and if you please, no references to hip hop music stars and/or clear citrus sodas).
Age: A very desperate seventeen
Grade: Senior, 12th, two nine week periods and a summer away from college, and I still can't get into clubs.
My better half: EJ, you'll see him a lot, or at least hear about him, he's not too fond of being on camera haha. This man is the love of my life though, and every day just gets better.
Loves: fashion, english, literature, creative writing, the correct uses of your and you're, the smell of professional bull riding black and blue cologne, luxury on a budget, the beautiful, the ugly, the unique, the wondrous.
Hates: it's actually hard for me to pick out specific things I truly hate...and it would take waaay to long to specify every little tick that gets me. That would be dumb, time consuming, pointless, and frankly, mood-ruining.
My plans for the future: After graduating high school, i'll be off to a local university to get my English degree, and over the summers I'll be earning my divemaster, so if all else fails (like my dream of owning my own boutique somewhere, or EJ and I's fantasy of joining  a commune in the mountains), I can go be a beach bum in Cozumel and live out the rest of my life with tequila and the fish.
Now, to give a face to the name, and to give you a a little taste of my personal style, here's some pictures!

 These two photos are a bit older, but my style hasn't changed a whole ton since then, my hair's just grown out. :D I like things funky, fun, sexy, girly, playful, and edgy, and sometimes I emphasize one element more than the other, but it always comes out me :)

 Aaaand here I am with the mister :)

So now you know me, let the blogging commence!