Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nerd Time - LODR Party + recipes

Last weekend I had myself a little party with some close friends to watch the extended, uncut edition of Lord of the Rings. Pathetic, right? Except it was really fun! EJ was being a little bug though and kept screaming "NEW SCENE!" whenever there was a new scene. Everyone had a really fun time, though, and I did a really proud job on the themed food!
The main event, "Elvish Lembas Bread" Meat Pies
Recipe makes 6-8 pies
Ingredients and Equipment:
1 lb ground beef
1tsp Tarragon
barbeque sauce to taste
Worcestershire sauce to taste (may be switched out for A1 sauce, whatever your preference may be)
2-3 large red potatoes
 Two rolls of jumbo biscuits (i like the great value kind from Walmart, but in the picture shown above I had to use a different kind, so don't mind it if your pies end up looking different)
a butter knife
a large cookie sheet
 a large saucepan
Ok, so this is easy, in your saucepan, brown up your sausage. Chop up your potatoes into small cubes, then throw them in with the sausage and all your other ingredients, and if the pan seems dry overall, pour in a little bit of water. Let the liquid evaporate off, and make sure your potatoes are cooked as you like them. Unwrap your biscuits, and cut the amount in half (if you have twelve biscuits total, grab six of them for now, etc.)
Flatten them out into nicely sized rectangles on your cookie sheet and spoon your beef onto them. Take the other half of your biscuits and flatten them, then cover the ones on your cookie sheet with them, smushing the edges together all the way around. Score the tops in an X like in the picture, then bake at 350 for about twenty minutes, or until nice and golden. :)

I don't have pictures for my Onion "Rings of Power" but they're really a very simple thing to make. You just get your favorite type of onion, dip in eggs then in Italian breadcrumbs, bake at 400 until tender, and serve!

I also made funfetti cupcakes and iced them like this:

These aren't mine though, but mine looked similar.


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